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"Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees." -Robert Irwin

experiments in attention, traveling in stillness, relaxing into uncertainty, bearing witness to the power of observation, microdosing visual joy, and meditative resistance against the attention economy

Light Series: Welcome

I began the light series while recovering from major surgery in May of 2019. As I remember it, I was carefully reclining in the backyard of my childhood home under a sycamore tree I've known and loved most of my life. The branches were swaying. Through the leaves, the sun seemed to be winking at me. I sat and I watched for a long time, swelling with appreciation, connection, wonder, and calm. I thought to take a video of it.

Light Series: Text
Light Series: Works

During this time of transformation, my body, mind, and spirit were undergoing shifts I didn’t have words for yet. My usual creative practices and capacity for articulation were in hibernation. I wasn’t ready to be vulnerable or seen. And yet, from the disconnected distance of convalescence, social media offered me the chance to continue connecting with loved ones, friends, and the world outside of my aching body.

Light Series: Text