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lovingly created in collaboration with Erika McCarthy for Byrdcliffe AiR

Byrdcliffe in a Box is our initiative to support our creative community from afar. Since we could not be physically near one another at that time, we designed an artist’s care package – a compact version of the artist residency to be carried from Byrdcliffe’s mountain utopia to your doorsteps.

Part time-capsule, part game, each box is a selection of five unique items that have emanated from Byrdcliffe – bits of Byrdcliffe history, art, & natural environment. Each package includes 36 prompting cards that shape the box into a companion to your studio practice, an invitation for creative exploration, and/or reminders of poetry, however you choose to engage. Together, we hope these things will provide new material to continue your studio practice from home with a dash of our mountain utopia in the mix.


As creators, we devote ourselves to transformation. Existing materials, blended with imagination and time and

energy and insight, become new artifacts:

clay becomes a vessel;

a blank page becomes a story;

voice becomes music;

breath becomes sculpture;

shadow becomes puppet;

the stage becomes a wilderness;

the wilderness becomes a stage;

a gathering of individuals becomes a chorus;

pauses become rhythms;

walls become portals.


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