recovery fashion part 9: incidental bowie hair

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

This morning, I woke up, took a glance in the mirror, and thought: "Bowie!"

Take 1:

As my partner readied the iphone camera, my mom looked in the room and gasped, "Did you cut your hair?"

My partner snapped this reaction mid-chuckle.

I can't say it still doesn't hurt to laugh. It hurts.

If you'd asked me two weeks ago I may not have said the same, but by now, I've reached a point where the emotional richness of laughter outweighs the physical pain of it.

And besides. Just as I couldn't stop my mind from cheering, "Bowie!" when I looked in the mirror this morning, I couldn't have stopped the laughter if I'd wanted to.

Take 2:

Whether the comparison to Bowie is accurate or ludicrous is a matter of interpretation: a reminder that the stories we tell ourselves can transform a terrible hair day into a rock star hair day (or vice versa).

Bonus fun fact: My mom and I went to IHOP for breakfast this morning. "Modern Love" was playing as we walked in.

"I'm still standing in the wind

But I never wave bye bye"

P.S. I did not need a procedure yesterday after all! I'm now playing a waiting game, hoping and trusting my body will repair itself. I remind myself this often: my body likely wants to heal properly as much as I want it to. It is working tirelessly. Thank you, body.

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